Join the Urban Knaves of Grain (UKG)!

UKG Monks and Nuns at NHC 2014 in Grand Rapids

 How much does it cost to join?

Membership is just $20 per year, $10 if joining after July 1st. Renewal's take place in December for the following year.

 What does membership do for me?

  • Monthly meetings for exchanging ideas and beers with other homebrewers.
  • Monthly technical sessions on beer styles and brewing techniques.
  • Club outings, social nights and pub crawls.
  • Special club-only brew days.
  • Club picnics and BBQs.
  • Access to the UKG library.
  • Membership in the UKG e-mail listserver.
  • Membership on the UKG slack channel.

 How do I join?

Come out to one of our monthly meetings and fill-out a membership application and pay your dues. That's all!

or... print out the UKG Membership Application, fill in the blanks, and follow the mailing instructions.

or... complete your application, scan, and email a copy to Then, remit your dues via the PayPal button below.

Pay Dues now via credit/debit card: