Urban Knaves of Grain (UKG) Library

The UKG library is currently maintained by .  Any member can borrow an item from the library for a one month period — just pick it up at one of our monthly meetings and return it to the next meeting. Since the whole library is too big to haul around all the time, email Darrell in advance and ask him to bring the items you want to the next meeting.


  1. New Brewer 7/95 - 12/95
  2. Brewing Techniques 1,3,9,11/94 1,5,7,9,11/95 and 1/96
  3. Brew Vol. 1.1
  4. Brew Your Own Vol. 1.1
  5. Zymurgy 9,12/92, all issues 1993&1994, 3/95, 6,9/95
  6. Brewing Techniques 1,3,9,11/94 1,5,7,9,11/95 and 1/96
  7. GABF Program 1994

Small Books

  1. Brewing Quality Beers, Byron Burch
  2. How-To-Build a Small Brewery, Bill Owens
  3. The New Brewers Handbook, Pat Baker
  4. On to Mashing, Frank Romanowski
  5. Yeast Culturing, Rog Leistad


  1. Beer Kits and Brewing, Dave Line
  2. The Big Book of Brewing, Dave Line
  3. The Brewers Companion, Randy Mosher
  4. Brewing Lager Beer, Gregory Noonan
  5. Brewing Mead, R. Gayre w/ C. Papazian
  6. Brewstorm 1994-1994 AHA conference transcripts
  7. Classic Beer Style Series #1 "Pale Ale"
  8. Classic Beer Style Series #5 "Porter"
  9. Classic Beer Style Series #6 "Belgian Ale"
  10. Classic Beer Style Series #7 "German Wheat Ale"
  11. The Complete Handbook of Homebrewing, Dave Miller
  12. The Essentials of Beer Style, Fred Eckhard
  13. Evaluating Beer, Brewers Publications
  14. The Homebrewer's Companion, Charlie Papazian
  15. Homegrown Hops, David Beach
  16. Making Beer, William Mares
  17. The New Complete Joy of Hombrewing, Charlie Papazian
  18. On Tap - A Field Guide to North American Breweries and Brewpubs (2nd edition), Steve Johnson
  19. Principles of Brewing Science, George Fix
  20. Using Hops, Mark Garetz
  21. Winners Circle, Brewers Publications
  22. Getting Started In Home Brewing, Jim Wearne
  23. Sake (U.S.A.), Fred Eckhard
  24. Homebrewing, volume 1, Al Korzonas (2 copies)
  25. Zymurgy Tips & Gadgets 1997, Brewers Publications
  26. Brewing the World's Great Beers, Dave Miller
  27. Homebrewing for Dummies, Marty Nachel
  28. The Brewmaster's Bible, Stephen Snyder
  29. Beer-Taster's Log, James Robertson


  1. The Beer Hunter, Michael Jackson
  2. Introduction to the U.S. Hop Industry - Part I